E.B. White: “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” 

The quote above is part of our own writing philosophy. No matter how bright and shiny objects fly around us, we’ve been focused enough to come up with another great post.

This time we’ll reveal world famous writers’ unusual habits. Hopefully you had time to read 13 Surprising Facts About Best Selling Authors. It was devoted on authors who wrote some of the most memorable business, marketing and psychology books. Most of them are entrepreneurs by heart.

This post dive into novel writer’s lives.

1. Earnst Hemingway. It’s known that he wrote about 500 words a day. He was in love with the mornings and he had a habit to wake up early. Some say our fears are still sleeping early in the morning, so better hurry up and do something that you’ll later call a brave move.

2. Vladimir Nabokov. The author of Lolita was standing while he is writing. He was using index cards to write scenes non-sequentially. For example it took a bit above 2,000 cards for him to write Ada.

3. Trupan Capote. The author of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “In Cold Blood” said he is a “completely horizontal author”. So, he was lying down with a cigarette and coffee while writing. He was also drinking sherry and martinis. His first two drafts were written by hand, manually. He was using a typewriter put on his knees for his third draft.

5. Philip Roth. One of the legends works standing up, walking around and thinking. Once he said that for every page he writes, he needs to walk half a mile. To make things professional his work desk isn’t in his home. It was his studio from where he wrote the drafts of famous books like “Goodbye, Columbus” and “When She Was Good”.

6. Stephen King. The almighty King said he writes 10 pages a day and that he doesn’t break his rule even on holidays. This is a lot of work and it resulted to King publishing a number of breathtaking titles.

7. James Joyce. While King is writing 10 pages a day, Joyce was writing slower. He had his time with each word. There’s a famous where one of his friends meets him on the street and asks him if he had a productive day writing. He replied positively and said he has written three sentences.

Are we missing something good enough to be mentioned?

We encourage you to add it in the comments.