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Smart Ways to Improve Your Product Descriptions

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Talking pure marketing, product descriptions are the last stage of the conversion funnel. Due to various reasons they are often neglected.

Let’s dig deeper

Product pages need to sell the product, however this is a hard task, especially when there’s lack of complete and clear product info. Users just can’t figure out if the item meets their requirements. In this case they tend to make assumptions and decide it’s not what they are looking for.

Users often fail completing their purchase due to lack of complete and clear product information.

Try to predict users questions and write a compelling product description giving the answers. A common bad scenario is when a user land on your product page and read about a special feature in the product title which is not well explained in the description. Looking for an example? eBay is flooded with listed items with titles longer than the description.

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You know that users usually skim the content they are reading online, so try to give value on every line of your description. You’ll never fail if you help them find out what is it about straight from the first sentence.

However creative story tellers can easily skip this rule. Check this example of a dad who sold a baby stroller.

Or show the product in action. Gopro produce insanely successful videos and every potential customer is enjoying them.

When you are writing descriptions for similar products try using the same layout, so users can easily compare them. This simple rule may drastically improve user’s experience since you help them to perform better comparison analysis.

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Describe well your USP (Unique selling point)

Create a list of product details and tell your potential customers why your product is better than what your competitors offer.

List example:

– Price

– Time saving

– Ease of transport

– Availability

– Training and suport

As forĀ USP, here’s what happen to a brand without USP.

NB! Don’t use the default profuct desctiptions provided by the manifacturer.

When writing product descriptions always use emotional language. Feeling words convert better and plain functional words.

Skip any of the rules above and you’ll easily miss a lot of the potential sales on your site.

If you still don’t feel confident writing the content yourself, consider outsourcing product descriptions to freelancers.

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