Product descriptions are often outsourced to a writer who may not have conversion copywriting experience. If you do the same you’ll receive poortly written content lacking the vital ingredients you need to sell the product.

I made the effort to collect writers I’ve used or got recommended from other people.

You’ll soon notice all freelancers on the list are passing criterias like:
– native Enslish speaker
– high number of 5 start customer reviews;
– good number of high quality writing samples
– fast turnaround times

NB! Always check the frelancer’s interests. If your niche is part of his interests that’s a very good sign.

Here’s the list of 10 recommended freelancers that can tell the product story right:

1). Randall S.
An eCommerce oriented native English speaker, Randall has specialised in writing product descriptions, article and case studies.

Randall S. writer on Odesk Image

Communication with him is super easy and you currently his service costs $20 per hour. He’s built his reputation on Odesk with over 100 successful assignments and 1100 hours worked. Still not convinced? Randall has over 70 portfolio pieces and anyone with Odesk account have a free access to his samples.

2). Christi Aldridge

Christi Aldridge Image
She has a marketing background and a lot of experience in various assignemnts including a lot of eCommerce projects. If there’s one word to describe her works that’s definitely creativity. You can find her on Her currently hourly rate is $27.78.

3). Crystal King from

She’s experienced freelancer with proven track of happy customers. Always delivering the projects fast and able to get the required tone of voice. The high energy and the exceptional writing skills she has will quickly pay off her hourly rate of $20 per hour.

4). Emma C.

Emma Writer
Emma started building her reputation on Elcance just last year. She determines herself as exceptional multi-audience content writer. The high number of happy and excited customers may give you better impression of what you may expect if you hire her. Her rate is $31 per hour.

5). Rhian Hunt – Your ideas expressed in expertly crafted words
That’s your guy for writing product desctiptions that sell. Started on Elance over 5 years ago, but he started mastering his skills over 15 years ago. Rhian loves turning his customer’s ideas into words that will keep the attention of his potential buyers. Currently his minimum hourly rate is $14.

6). Jessica W and her team – Quality writing. Proactive & fair priced
A super productive writer experienced in various writing projects. I’ll leave the numbers speak themselves. For less than 2 years on Elance, she has received an average 4.9 star rating from 489 reviewers and currently she has over 800 jobs. One thing you also need to notice is that Jessica is registered as a company and has a couple of well trained employees following her procedures for writing a compelling product descriptions other types of content pieces.

7). Michael Fox – A voice for your brand

Michael Fox image
He started his professional career in 2001 writing reports of college events and special interests for biweekly paper. He’s now able to write product descriptions that raise emotions and overcome customer’s various buying barriers. For only an year on Elance he has 290 jobs done and average 4.9 star rating. Michael’s minimum hourly rate is $22.

8). Chris R. – Creative Copywriting and Marketing Specialist
Chris is another exceptional example of a freelancer that combines marketing know-how and writing skills. He’s an excellent choice for a product description writer able to tell the story of any product. As a bonus you may leverage on his PR expertise as well. Chris services start from $27 per hour. He’s always happy to negotiate prices.

9). Susan C. – Consistently Ranked in the Top 0.1% I’ve reserved the last spot in the list for the extraordinary Susan. She’s a well trained talent constantly ranked at the Top o.1 % freelancers on Elance. Her phylosofy educational background has helped her shape an unique attitude toward words. Susan know the right word order that creates an exciting and enterntaining product description. Her perfection will cost you a bit more – her minumum hourly rate is $50.

If you prefer writing or fixing the content yourself, check these smart ways to improve your product descriptions.