To get what’s all about you need to read: Looking for Amazing Story? Read Mine.

To save you time, let me resume it for you here:

3 years ago I collected enough money to pay a retired best selling author to write one more book. Things went wrong and I decided to offer him being his ghost writer – I really need to see this novel published.

What I did:

I opened my email client and wrote to my favorite author an email suggesting a meeting in the next days.

The story I have for the guy is 90% based on real events that has changed my life in the past 3 years.

Yes, I’m ready to reveal my enormously kept secrets and make my readers happy.

In the mean time, I’ll write and publish an extremely useful blog post around the most important ingredients that epic stories contain.

Stay tuned for more.

In the next blog post

I’ll share a step by step guide on how to create an epic story for your readers.

After that I should reveal what happened on the meeting. If needed, I’ll insist and won’t stop just with  one simple email.

Edit: My offer was rejected. I had to try. You either win or learn.

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