“A really good writer is hard to find and can be expensive. A bad writer is easy to find and can be really, really expensive!” –Patrick P. Stafford

When launching Master of Writing  we had a bright idea:

Let’s help companies and individuals struggling to find content creators for their projects.

This is one of that blog posts written to deliver value in that direction.

NB! Not all of the copywriters below are available for hiring. We hope you’ll be inspired and take an action that will lead you beyond the crowded freelancer sites to find the right professional for your current or next project.

Let’s start with an unusual copywriter:

Carla Young (@CarlaYoung)

A work from home mom from other level – her style is an industry standard, She’s a pure gem for the copywriters planning to start a lifetime business and dedicated copywriter delivering an astonishing outcome.

You can’t hire her for your own project, but if you are good enough for her scale and operating in the same niche try pinning her with a suggestion.

Carla is an expert in helping other moms interested in launching their own business. Her platform is momeomagazine.com.

Patrick P. Stafford (@socrates37)

If you need a copywriter for your business and have a decent budget, Patrick is undoubtfully  your ultimate choice. A multiple writing contests winner, he has gained a superior experience as a copywriter . Patrick is also a scriptwriter, speechwriter and  a poet.

One of his latest blog posts can hint you about how can he help your customers get your product.

Patrick is available for hiring. Check his AuthorsDen profile.

Colin Theriot (@colintheriot)

The master of copywriting who made his name walking on the slow and steady way of learning from others and his own mistakes. Colin started as a copywriter for an e-commerce site and then evolved to a widely recognizable master of the words that made his customers millions of dollars.

Even if you can’t afford to hire him log into your Facebook and search for ‘Cult of Copy’ – a group on copywriting with lots of experienced members inside.

Joe Putnam (@josephputnam)

Joseph is a superb SEO copywriter. One of his most magnificent works we’ve been delighted to learn from was:

“The Definitive Guyde to Copywriting” which he wrote with Neil Patel for Quiksprout.

Currently he is developing his working as a growth manager for iSpionage.

Joe isn’t available for hiring.

Julie Eason (@bizbookwriter)

We call Julie the Master of Ghostwriting. She has a respectful experience helping her clients to write and market their books. Most of them are decent entrepreneurs.

In 2011 she managed to finish a physical book for 7 days. An year later she became Amazon best seller. In 2013 Julie was both NYT and First Barnes & Nobel best seller.

If you have plans to finally publish your boo, visit her website for more details.

Ivan Levinson

More than 25 years experience in copywriting. Here’s what the marketing manager for Microsoft Dynamic GP said about one of his works:

Microsoft Testimonial ImageCheck his simplistic website to see what other clients said for his work and get in touch if you are looking for a world-class professional.

Mike Fleming (@mikeflemingCopy)

The magician of advertising copy. If the copy you order isn’t good enough for his own business, it’s not good enough for yours as well. That’s what one of his copy headlines is shouting , although it’s made for your local family baker.

Press campaign for local bread bakers Image

Press campaign for local bread bakers, Irwin’s. Painstakingly Art Directed by Steve Blair. PANI Gold winner and Campaign Magazine shortlisted.

If you aren’t looking for a creative copywriter as Mike, let us introduce you Mark Schenker.

Marc Schenker (@Marc_Schenker)

Marc’s greatest success is copywriting for e-commerce businesses. He has written a lot of attention grabbing words for design, conversions and B2B as well.

Do you notice how diversified this selection of copywriters is?

If not, crises how bad our choice is in the comments below.

But wait…

… we are not done yet.

Have you heard about Slummy Single Mummy?

Slummy Single Mummy (@mummyblogger)

AKA Jo. She just an authentic blogger and copywriter from UK. As Jo says all her professional validation comes from Internet.  She is a good fit you you develop a brand and mom related products.

Single Slummy Mummy

Check her Twitter and visit Jo’s website if your business need words to do some good.

And here’s out last choice after which we are really closing this blog post and open it for comments and discussions.

Heather R Morgan (@HeatherReyhan)

She’s one if these niche copywriters able to find the right words for B2B and start ups. Probably the best evidence for Heather’sproficiency is her Featured in page.

Hiring a copywriter may be both easy and a tough task. A good advice to follow is to hire the one you can afford.


It’s time to get in touch with the right one.

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(Or if you are one of them – is there anything else you need to say about yourself?)