We’ve been together already 4 months and since this April we had the chance to get inspired and create entertaining pieces of content like 13 Surprising Facts About Best Selling Authors or educational blog posts like 18 Free Online Courses To Master Your Writing Skills.

The Issues We’ve Managed to Recognize Recently

Recently we’ve recognized the need for getting a skillful literary agent who can really create a difference and make your work popular. (We are now preparing a new content around what a literary agent wants from you).

There are a lot of writers who can’t find a decent publisher for their books. Some get desperate and even decide to stop with the attempts, some take the road of the self-publisher and put their book on the Amazon Kindle store.

The last discovery we had though is in the eCommerce world

A lot of eCommerce website owners are struggling to get enough sales, especially at the very beginning. They are underestimating the meaning of the product descriptions and either use few tiny lines to describe the most important features on the product or just put some boring text that doesn’t contribute to increase their conversions at all.

At the same time we have noticed another trend which is that some people use their openness and honesty to create an amazing stories around the product.

Do you remember the hilarious product description of a stroller in eBay?

So for a starting price of just £9.99 you too can screw up your life. There are programs for those of you who need to recover from drugs or alcohol. Any money generated from this sale will be used to help me recover from children (and probably involve drugs and alcohol).

So spend big – its for a good cause…

Just take a look of two reactions:

Product description reaction

Funny Product Description Reaction



We are happy to test the waters and figure out if we can soon offer this type of storytelling types of product descriptions for eCommerce website owners who are brave and creative enough at the same time, ready to offer an product description to their customers.

Expect more details in the upcoming months!