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Even Evernote fans enjoy taking notes on their notebooks.

– Novel writers get inspired

– Engineers calculate possibilities

– Managers brainstorm new strategies

– Creative directors collect ideas

What’s everyone’s favorite writing notebook?

We can’t be 100% sure, but we are confident enough there are a lot of Leuchtturm Master Notebook fans out there including us.

We use both – the bigger and the smaller size.

6 Reasons we love the Leuchtturm Master Notebooks

1). Numbered pages

2). Custom Table of Contents

3).  Every page has it’s own subject and a date line

4). Grid and perforated pages at the back –  last 8 pages are perforated

5). Solid back pocket

6). Label stickers for the spine and the cover for the archive lovers


Now, let us excite you about some common and uncommon places where and people like us enjoy taking notes in our extraordinary notebooks

Various Places to Take Notes

The Leuchtturm Master Notebooks are durable enough to be used almost everywhere.

– Your desk

– The bed

– The meeting room

– The park

– The backyard

– The beach

– The bathroom – this is not a joke, since wise words often appear under the shower.


Keep your Leuchtturm notebook away from water.

Instead – use this one.

By the way, if by some reason you still haven’t seen one of these buddies, here’s how the Leuchtturm Medium notebook looks like:

Leuchtturm Medium Notebook Image

Designed in Germany, printed in Taiwan.

Nothing fancy, but it soon becomes one of your best friends.

Inside the Leuchtturm Notebook Image

  •  Lines are more grey than black
  • Spacing between lines is 6 millimeters, which is considered as a standard.

Best time to take notes

Whenever the inspiration strike you, although we recommend taking notes:

– Early in the morning

– Before you go to sleep

– After lunch

– When you need it 🙂 The above 3 cases are an example of best times for more inspirational and strategic kind of notes.

“The only superstition I have is that I must start a new book on the same day that I finish the last one, even if it’s just a few notes in a file. I dread not having work in progress.” Terry Pratchett

Nota Bene!

Writing a to do list isn’t considered as a note taking. It’s a whole different story with it’s own appropriate tools.

Thanks, but I’m taking using my Laptop and smartphone

Well that’s fine.

The reason we recommend varying with taking notes on a paper notebook is the following:

It seems that writing notes helps recall concepts and your ability to understand better.

Don’t believe us? No problem, here’s a research from Medical Daily.

What others say about the Leuchtturm Master Notebooks?

Pretty awesome stuff below. We really enjoyed seeing opinions like:

– Every bit as good as a Moleskine, plus page numbers (because it seems that Moleskine is Leuchtturm’s main competitor).

– I’ve slowly fallen in love with writing in this notebook daily

– Overkill for school

Read the rest yourself

Moleskine rocks, but it seems Leuchtturm is overkilling it.

What to do now?

Get one of the Leuchtturm notebooks

– Already have one? Let us know how it goes? We are always excited to hear from our readers!

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