If you need this post, you shouldn’t be writing

Writing should come from the heart and if you need assistance like the one from the table below you really should think of changing your hobby.

This is how a friend of mine told me when he first saw the table below:

Intellectual words Emotional words
allow let
beneficial good for
concerned worried
damage, harm hurt
determine pin down
disclose explain
fearful afraid
gratification enjoyment
I regret I’m sorry
manifacture make
omit leave out

It’s a pure message:

Shifting word choice in the favor of emotion is a good practice. Especially when creating character dialog for example.

In the same time, you should stick to the words on the left you you need to write technical papers.

Let’s compare more pairs:

sufficient vs enough

pleased vs happy

observed vs seen

obstinate vs stubborn

jesting vs kidding

What to do now?

Can you provide more examples? Put them in the comments below.