Just follow the rules below:

  • Be afraid to say anything weird or unusual
  • Never learn new words
  • Always have the television on so you cannot hear yourself think
  • Take the easiest path possible, in writing and in life
  • Remember that poetry is always boring, even if it comes from hip-hop or pop songs or old-time pirate chants
  • Stop making people laugh, or cry, or gasp in surprise, or think
  • Read as little as possible
  • See what everyone else is doing, and do that
  • Blog everything, journal nothing
  • If you can’t get the right word in the right spot, it’s the best to just get really frustrated and give up
  • And make sure you refuse to believe in yourself

As with the 12 Rules of Writing,  Knowledge Unlimited Inc. has made a fancy poster for your working place wall. It’s 18″ by 25″ and it’s printed on heavy, coated stock.

How to be a boring, bad writer


Check if the How to Be a Boring, Bad Writer poster is available on Amazon.

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