“More than just a nice-to-look-at, easy-to-flip-through book…Pricken has loftier goals—namely, to transform readers into top creatives by introducing them to a variety of techniques and ideas.”—Adweek

Creative Advertising by Mario Pricken

It’s a must have book for art directors and other marketing/advertising professionals. It’s a reference book full of examples and exercises – a good fit even for non professionals like small business owners and managers.

This is the single most practically useful conception book that I’ve ever seen in 15 years as an advertising copywriter.
V. Bauch

You’ll find…

  • Brainstorming questions intended to help you come up with creative ideas
  • Why certain ideas are good and how they are created
  • A source of inspiration to crack any kind of blocks
  • Over 200 examples of advertising campaigns with detailed explanations

Creative Advertising Mario Pricken - Book Cover

“Creative advertising” is a catalog of ideas and techniques to crack writer’s block and get the ball rolling.”
Eduard B.

Open a random advertising campaign and get inspired in no time. This is extremely helpful to get some confidence before an interview or to come up with creative ideas when needed.

“…now I feel like I have the tools I need for brilliant ideas, I just have to practice using them”  M. Candeman

It’s more about visuals and less about text, although there’s a separate section for copywriting.

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