The remarkable stories we’ve heard about aren’t just plain events into one’s life. They usually change people’s lives.

Think about your own life. Even a person who thinks he lives a boring life has the potential to suddenly run into the eye of the storm.

Fictional or real, submit your favorite story as a comment below this blog post. It could be your own story or someone else’s story.

We’ll get in touch with you for more info and once we have at least 100 stories we’ll start segmenting them in different genres and trying to do some good things with them, especially if the story is unique enough to inspire authors, screenplay writers and directors.

The list below is updated since Sept 9, 2015:

Solidarity at the Olympic Games

Some time ago, at the Seattle Olympics, nine athletes, all mentally or physically challenged, were standing on the start line for the 100 m race. The gun fired and the race began. Not everyone was running, but everyone wanted to participate and win. They ran in threes, a boy tripped and fell, did a few somersaults and started crying. The other eight heard him crying. They slowed down and looked behind them. They stopped and came back… All of them…A girl with Down’s Syndrome sat down next to him, hugged him and asked, “Feeling better now?”Then, all nine walked shoulder to shoulder to the finish line.

The whole crowd stood up and applauded. And the applause lasted a very long time…

The Story of Dashrath Manjhi: The man who carved a path through a hillock using only a hammer and chisel.